Surry Hills Farm

A place to Disconnect to Reconnect

Two families walking in faith living on the same farm sharing their lives with others. This hobby farm from the east coast moved to the foothills of Surry County NC to open an agritourism business under the guidance of God our Creator. Returning to the simple life of living off what He provides.

God’s Will Is In Man

The Willis and Inman families have come to follow God’s plan for their lives and reach the heart of man. This move was not intended for us to live a life of luxury, but to live a life worthy of God’s praise. To teach our children what living for God and not the world looks like. To share our farm land, animals, and this beautiful peaceful property God has brought us to with others.

What the Future Plans are:

  • Come visit the farm animals
  • Camping – Tents to Cabins
  • Venue – Weddings to Gatherings
  • Educational